Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I was in a silly mood and I made this video. It's cute. Since my heroine works in New York City and the romance begins there, I thought it was fun to set the scene in the city.

If you haven't read Savannah's Journey, you can grab it here. http://amzn.to/1xvPjZ7 I

Savannah's Journey is a contemporary romance about a journalist who works in New York City and hides behind her job, until she meets the charismatic Dr. Rob Sinclair. She begins a journey to find the one piece of her heart that was missing. 


Cassandra is ready to enjoy her first summer in her new home. She senses she's not alone in her little cottage. Does someone want her out, or are they happy to see her? An elderly woman appears at her doorstep with an unusual request, and Cassandra' world is about to change. Jake Hill is waiting out front for his grandmother and he's smokin hot. A Summer's Enchantment, book 2 in the Moonlight and Jasmine Series.

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