Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Savannah's Journey is my latest contemporary romance. A chance encounter offers a season of change. Can a lonely journalist keep herself from running into the arms of a charismatic, sexy doctor when she holds a secret past hidden deep inside her heart?

I love the characters in this story. They've become good friends of mine. Their struggles are close to my heart. I enjoy writing romance that weaves in family drama and the struggles that need to be addressed before we can open our hearts to love.

My characters and I become a team. I get to know their backgrounds, fears, insecurties, desires, and darkest secrets. I take my time choosing the right person to represent them in my imaginary movie. It's fun to see if my readers agree. Do you have ideas of your own?

Do you think I got the characters right for this one? My hero may be wearing a shirt, and a bare chested hero is hot,  but I think he looks like a doctor in this photo. I can see this actor in the role. I had so much fun writing this story, it's exciting to pick a dream cast.


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