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 Clean Sweep Book #1 of the Venom series by V.L. Locey
 M/F Erotic Hockey Romance

Fiery, flame-haired Jane Bratkowski is catapulted from a small college town to Philadelphia to become head coach of a new women’s hockey team, The Venom. It’s a life-changing opportunity, a dream come true until – in a cruel twist of fate that could turn into a nightmare – she comes face to face with her ex-husband Tore Ahlberg, the Wildcats' head of European Scouting.

Suddenly, Jane’s faced with more challenges than she bargained for: Will she let him distract her -- and derail her big chance to coach pro hockey? Can she build a team of relatively inexperienced, irrepressible young women into champions? Can she and Tore triumph over the gut-wrenching tragedy that ripped them apart -- or will the shocking truth of their passionate past threaten to destroy them once again?

Excerpt R

             A draft crept over my bare toes as they peeked out from under my nightgown. Yeah. I know. Jane Bratkowski was wearing a nightgown. The inner dimensions of hell were about to freeze over.
            It wasn`t just an old flannel thing with worn elbows and spaghetti sauce stains, it was a nice one. Dark blue with no sleeves, an obscene amount of silky material that billowed out widely when I spun around, not that I make a habit of spinning, and a lacy top that allowed the dark pink of my nipples to show plainly. I was fucking freezing. I was also wondering just what sort of drunken asshole had I been to pack something like this. I looked over at the foot of that big soft bed. The matching robe, also silken and seductive, lay in wait. I blew a wild strand of red from my face. My hand shook. Truthfully, my whole body was shaking. It about killed me to admit that I was scared but I was. I was quaking like a politician strapped to a lie detector. What would he do if I proceeded as I was planning to? Tore and I had always been open about our desires. If either of us wanted the other, all it would take was either a glance or a touch, along with a softly worded entreaty. Wham-Bam! We'd be in bed in short order. That had been then. Now? Maybe he would laugh at me trying to come onto him. Shit, maybe he would tell me to go jump in the lake. Maybe I would end up crying myself to sleep as I had for so many months after he had left me. Correction. After I had pushed him away. Let`s call it like it was, Ginger Snap.
            "For the love of fuck, Jane." With that I stalked over to the bed, grabbed the slippery soft robe, stuck my freckled arms into it, then stomped down the corridor to Tore`s room. Chin high, Bratkowski look of supreme confidence plastered on, I knocked three times then entered. Tore was reading in bed, his back resting on the headboard, his glasses on the end of his nose, his lean body covered in sexy black pajamas. His feet were bare. I smiled at the sight of his long toes then my sight moved back over him. Slowly my gaze roamed, enjoying the sight of him in bed holding what I assumed would be a book about the rise and fall of some foreign land. The glasses added to his appeal.
            "I thought those three knocks were supposed to be on the ceiling," he said, his open book resting on his thighs.
            "I couldn`t reach the ceiling," I replied, my hand on the knob. Tore laid his book on the bed. I swallowed loudly. He pushed his glasses up his nose. My heartbeat seemed loud in my ears.
            "Jane, I`m proud of you opening my door."
            He always had a knack for knowing just what to say. I stepped inside then flung the door shut behind me, my gaze never leaving his face.
            "I thought about making a comment about Swedish sausage," I said as my robe slithered off my arms then fluttered to the floor behind me. "But I`d hate for you to think I was crass."
            Tore didn`t move a muscle as I closed the distance from door to bed. The room was similar to mine. It had walls and a floor. A ceiling as well. Windows too probably. Details about decor weren`t important. All that was important was getting my freckled backside into bed with the pale blonde man trying his best not to smile like a monkey in a banana factory.
            "I already know that you're crass, Jane." He dropped his glasses to the bed stand a mere second before I hiked up all that silky blue material to mid-thigh level. His sight dropped from my face to my naked legs. The amused look he had worn disappeared. By the time I was seated on his thighs there was not a smidgeon of amusement left on his face. My knees rested on either side of his hips, yards of blue silk flowed over his legs.
            "Do you know what else I am, Tore?" I asked while I worked on unbuttoning his pajama top. Some sort of heated sound of pleasure burbled from deep within his chest when my palms moved over his bared pectorals.
            "Brazen. Opinionated. Forward. Outspoken. Sensual. Fiery. Very fiery." He shucked his arms out of his top then cupped my breasts. His long strong fingers wrapped around the two fleshy mounds. He squeezed roughly. I shuddered and moaned. "So fiery."
            "Needy too," I whispered as he fondled my breasts. I slid forward over his erection. We both inhaled sharply at the explosion of sensation. He dipped his head. I arched my back to give him all the tit he could take. He suckled my right breast strongly, the lace covering growing wet, just as I was. I began rocking back and forth. Tore moaned around his mouthful as my hips found a nice rhythm. I loved the feel of my hair tickling my shoulder blades when my head rolled in slow, pleasurable circles. He tugged on my stiff nipple with his teeth, his hands sliding under the voluminous nightgown. There was a small interruption of dry humping when he freed his cock from his pajamas. Using his shoulders for advantage, I then impaled myself on him. He slid into me with ease.

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Author Bio:

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, two dogs, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and three Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads. 

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Stop on by the Diamond Saloon, where devious Englishmen blithely charm sceptical saloon owners and where voluptuous singers archly tease the strong, silent type. Enjoy these two sexy tales from Freewill, Wyoming.

ROUGH DIAMONDOwner of the Diamond Saloon and Theater, Alice Reynolds is astounded when a fancy Englishman offers to buy her saloon. She won’t be selling her saloon to anyone, let alone a man with a pretty, empty-headed grin…but then, she reckons that grin just might be a lie, and a man of intelligence and cunning resides beneath.

Rupert Llewellyn has another purpose for offering to buy the pretty widow’s saloon—the coal buried deep in land she owns. However, he never banked on her knowing eyes making him weak at the knees, or how his deception would burn upon his soul.

Each determined to outwit the other, they tantalize and tease until passion explodes. But can their desire bridge the lies told and trust broken?

FOOL’S GOLDChristmas Eve, the Diamond Saloon is empty of its people, and Pearl la Monte has a hankering to retire early. A pounding at the Diamond’s door rids her of such a fool notion. Her irritation rises when she sees the prissy, polite-like Garrett standing outside.

Ethan Garrett has a powerful need to gain succor. When the saloon’s voluptuous redheaded singer scowls at him from the threshold of the Diamond, he doesn’t stop to think on how his ire at her has disappeared. Or how he just wants to spend some time in her company.

When a blizzard storms in, trapping them, will they spend their time arguing or find their irritation for each other disguises something more?

Other books in the series:

ROUGH DIAMOND (The Diamond Series Book 1) -

FOOL’S GOLD (The Diamond Series Book 2) -

Excerpt from ROUGH DIAMOND

Lifting the glass, Alice studied its contents. “There is nothing quite like the enjoyment you get from a good whiskey. There’s the look and color of it, and the way it burns in the light.”

“It’s the same color as your eyes,” Llewellyn breathed, his own wide and empty of thought.

A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. That’s right. Fool me into thinking there’s not an ounce of calculation to your words. “Is it? Mighty kind of you to notice.”

A happy grin was her response.

Well now, she was surely going to enjoy this. Setting her own half-smile, she tilted her glass, watching as the whiskey caught the light of the candle. “Have you ever noticed the feel of glass? It’s smooth against your fingers, and though the whiskey burns you, the glass is cool. It seems strange, doesn’t it? That such fire could come from something so cool.”

Intensely aware of his gaze upon her, she brought the glass to rest on her bottom lip. “You lift the glass to your lips, and all that coolness rests upon your flesh. The scent of the whiskey hits you, sweet and fiery. Your mouth waters, and you can’t wait to have it inside you. Slowly, so slowly, you tip the glass, teasing yourself as long moments in want of its taste stretch unbearably.”

He no longer wore a smile. Dark eyes watched her as strong fingers dug into the glass before him.

A prickle washed over her skin, her heart a steady beat in her chest. With hushed voice, she continued. “Liquid slides down your throat. The flavor explodes inside you, a glorious rush of sensation that overwhelms and consumes. You curl your tongue, enjoying the lingering sensation in every part of your mouth. Then, you look at the bottle.” Finally, she met his gaze direct. No subterfuge. No tease. “And you know you can do it again.”

Excerpt from FOOL’S GOLD

Turning on her heel, Pearl marched off toward the stairs.

A weird kind of panic jolted through Ethan, one he’d never felt before in all his days. It was…he didn’t…. She couldn’t leave him. “Where are you going?”

She whirled to face him, her irritation plain. “I was seeking my bed before your arrival, and now I’m seeking it again. Help yourself to whiskey this one time. I got better things to do.”

Shoving to his feet, he strode to her. “Don’t just walk away when we’re discussing things.”

“We ain’t discussing nothing. You’ll be down here, waiting out the blizzard. I’ll be in my bed, doing what I was gonna before you arrived. That’s the end of it.”

Taking a step, she made to leave him. Again.

He grabbed her arm. “Don’t leave me.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Glaring at him, she stood before the bar, her magnificent hair slipping from its pins, her breasts rising and falling.

Abruptly, his mouth went dry. Clearing his throat some, he said, “You’re supposed to offer succor to those in need.”

“We’re closed, remember?” Paint-less lips pressed tight together, she glared up at him.

They were so close he could see the faint marks of freckles on her skin.

Pearl La Monte had freckles.

A kind of haze came over him, tightening his skin and bringing with it something all-fired powerful and completely unstoppable. All the years he’d known her crashed through him, all the times she’d flirted with him and meant something else, all the times he’d seen her perform on stage and wished he could have held such fire.

Grabbing her upper arms, he hauled her against him and, ignoring her shocked gasp, he covered her mouth with his.

Cassandra Dean is a best-selling, multi-published author of historical and fantasy romanceHer latest novel, SILK & SCARS, is book 3 of her popular Silk Series featuring law-loving peeps and their happily ever after. Her next novel will be SILK & SCHOLAR, book 4 of the Silk Series

Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.

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Book Title: SILK & SCARS
Book Series: The Silk Series Book 3
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Published Date: 2 June 2015
Genre(s): Historical Romance, Sweet Romance, Early Victorian Romance
Heat Rating:

For over a year, Miss Gwendolyn Parkes and the Duke of Sowrith have corresponded. At first an error, the letters quickly became something much more, a friendship forged on like minds and perhaps the hope of something more…

When Gwen is compelled by her employer to attend the duke at his Dartmoor estate, she is devastated to find her beloved friend cold and imperious, even if he is the most handsome man she’s ever seen – despite his scars.

Edward, Duke of Sowrith, has longed to meet Gwen. Arranging her passage to his estate, he is tongue-tied when confronted with her quiet beauty. All too aware of the twisted ruin of his face, he allows fear to hold him silent…until Gwen’s safety is threatened.

Finally together, they grow closer until it seems they can never again be apart – but can a commoner and a duke find a happily ever after?

Other books in the series:
SILK & SCANDAL (The Silk Series Book 1) -
SILK & SCORN (The Silk Series Book 2) -

Excerpt 1
Crossing her arms over her stomach, Gwen leaned forward, pressing deep. Good heavens, she was nervous, and excited, and nervous. She was going to meet Edward. One moment soon, he was going to open that door and she would see him. She would see the man she’d corresponded with for over a year, to whom she’d expressed every thought, and who had expressed his to her. It did not matter that he was a duke, so far above her in consequence as to be laughable. He was her friend, and at last they would meet.

Foot tapping wildly, she leaned her head back against the wall. This was all so ridiculous. She was ridiculous, to have this unbridled excitement rioting through her. Exhaling, she caught the stare of the gargoyle. The gargoyle knew how ridiculous her thoughts. Its stone features laughed at her, and in a fit of pique, she poked her tongue out.

The study door opened. Leaping to her feet, she swayed as the blood rushed from her head.

Lord Beecham appeared in the door way and, eyes lighting upon her, he crooked a finger. “Miss Parkes. Come.”

Heart beating a rapid tattoo, she bent to grip the handle of her carpet bag. Lord Beecham had abandoned the door by the time she had gathered herself enough to approach, the worn wooden handle of the bag pressing deep into her palm.

Passing through the door, Gwen stopped and, jaw slack, she looked about the chamber. The room was huge, cavernous even, and dark. So dark. Lit only by the flame of the massive fireplace dominating one wall and the wan flicker of a lamp seated on the enormous desk, the light picked up rows upon rows of books while heavy drapes of an unidentifiable fabric covered what she could only presume were windows. The floor was the same stone as the hall, the only carpet appearing before the fire under the clawed feet of a large armchair.

Her gaze returned to the fireplace. A man stood before it, his back to her, right hand held by his left.

Her heart, already racing, started a wild thud against her ribs. That was him. The duke. Edward.

He did not turn, though she willed him to. Willed him to turn, so she could utter that most important of phrases, the one she’d longed to say for an age now.

Hello, Edward.

Cassandra Dean is a best-selling, multi-published author of historical and fantasy romance. Her latest novel, SLUMBER, is part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales and features Cassandra’s take on Sleeping Beauty. Her next novel, SILK & SCARS, is part of her popular Silk Series, featuring Victorian Era lawyers and their happily ever after.

Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.

Other books in the series:
SILK & SCANDAL (The Silk Series Book 1) -
SILK & SCORN (The Silk Series Book 2) -

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by Katherine Rhodes

The Blurb

Hell called to his soul, but his soul resisted.
Or that’s what Asher Terhune believed.
Born from the demonic seduction of his human mother, his birth destroyed her marriage. They were left with only a Guardian and Watcher to protect them from his demon heritage. Born with a half-soul, Asher quickly learned to use the Seven Deadly Sins to fill the hole inside himself.
His favorite sin was Lust.
Women had no chance of a second night with Asher, once he was done with them. And he had no intention of changing his ways. Until the sweet, calm, caring Sarah Illfrig rocked his world, and refused his bed.
Asher found her refusal unacceptable and took on the challenge of seducing her. Sarah pushed him away even as the desire she felt for him was pulling her in.
But Sarah harbored her own secrets, and when the Guardian and the Watcher found out, it became imperative to keep Sarah and Asher apart.
**CONTENT WARNING: Contains adult language, m/m/f, and sexual situations and is intended for adult audiences only. 18+ Only**

The Excerpt

“I’m sorry this turned into such a damn mess tonight,” Asher said, helping her out of the car at her apartment.
“It was only those demons at the end that were any kind of problem,” Sarah said. “They kind of put a damper on the whole vibe. Is Vassago really going to be able to make a claim on his insurance? I didn’t know they had a demon clause.”
Asher laughed. “Are you okay with all of this? A week ago you were just Sarah, the girl whose sickness no one could figure out.”
She paused. “You know, as strange as this is going to sound, yes. I’m okay with it. It explains so much about everything that’s gone on in my life and with my health. I’m oddly comforted by the fact I’m not normal and no doctor will be able to cure this. I did everything right, but this is beyond what regular medicine can do. And I’m okay with that.” She smiled sheepishly. “Especially if it means I get to be close to you.”
Asher returned the smile. “Does this mean I’m off your shit list?”
“Mostly,” Sarah answered.
Sarah keyed the door to the building open. “Mostly. We’ll see if I wake up with a job tomorrow.”
“I’m not going to fire you,” Asher said. “That used to happen after we slept together.”
Sarah looked at him. “Like I said, we’ll see if I wake up with a job in the morning.”
Asher got it. He rushed in through the door behind her and spun her against the wall, carefully. “I’m really that far off your shit list?”
“You’ve done everything right, Asher,” she said. “You stuck to every boundary I set up. You’ve been nothing but a gentleman. The only thing you were forward about was finding me yesterday evening and asking me to help you with the emptiness. That’s not really an infraction in my opinion. After tonight, that whole protecting everyone that you and Gad and Vassago did, you’re mostly off my ‘do not fly’ list.”
He leaned a hand on the wall and pushed a little closer. “And what do I have to do to get completely off your ‘do not fly’ list?”
“Two things.” She smiled. “That I wake up still employed tomorrow and how many times you can make me come.”
Asher couldn’t formulate an answer. He gave up and dropped his head to hers, pressing his lips across hers. His first taste of her was one of sugar and strawberries and the scent of fresh ocean air rose up around them. Her lips were soft and careful, and there was still a hint of fear in them. That she was willing to welcome him up even with that fear spoke volumes for her courage. But he had no intention of letting her go, in any sense of that. Tomorrow morning he would confess his darkest sins to her, but for the moment, he wanted to savor her taste and feel her body.
He pulled away from the careful, hesitant kiss and brushed a few stray strands out of her face. “Show me upstairs. Or I’ll start working on condition two right now.”
Sarah’s eyes lit up, and a small smile appeared on her face. “That’s not really incentive.”
“It is if I get you naked right here.”
She pulled her lip between her teeth. That expression had never worked on Asher until just now, when the lust it conveyed and the potential for sexual promise went straight through him and made his dick jump. Asher leaned into Sarah’s ear. “You have a naughty streak, don’t you?”
“You’ll have to find out.” She ducked under his arm and headed for the elevator.
The doors opened for them and Asher ducked in just behind her. She had already pressed the button for her floor and he took the opportunity to wrap his arms around her and pull her against him. She gasped lightly when she felt his length against her lower back, then turned and caught his eyes. “Did I do that?”
“You,” he breathed into her ear. “I have done everything in my power to keep myself in check around you.”
“And what a fine fa├žade you put up,” she answered.



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Inner Goddess

Welcome to the St Patrick’s Day Blog Hop. Thank you for stopping by. Keep reading to find my Giveaway and the Grand Prize Rafflecopter at the end of this post.
Good Luck! Happy Hopping!

Let’s celebrate! Spring is almost here. I can hardly wait to see the buds appear and smell the fresh cut grass. This is the time of year for change. Take a chance to reinvent yourself, learn something new, embark on a new adventure, or explore your dreams and inner desires.  

I’ve had a busy season and I’m looking forward to the spring and summer. My friends and love to kick start the spring by taking a girls day out trip to NYC. We usually have lunch, do a little shopping, and catch a Broadway Show. 

Here's my latest series. I hope you take a peek.

Best friends who live in NJ and work in NYC, work hard, play hard, and love hard. Long buried secrets and family obligations make keeping love difficult. CITY LIGHTS BOOK 1





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