Friday, August 29, 2014


Welcome to the How I Spent My Summer Vacation Blog Hop.


My Trip to Paradise

My favorite time of year is late spring and early summer. There’s something about the longer days and blossoming flowers that brings me out of the winter funk. This year my husband and I planned a trip to Florida. Since we made it through one of the worse winters of all time, we needed a break. I had been through a scare with my health and completed a long recovery. I’m doing great now and grateful to have made a full recovery.

Our trip was amazing. The sunshine along the streets lined with majestic palms uplifted my spirits. We sun bathed on the beach gazing out to the gorgeous blue-green water. Our evening dining experience was magnificent. There’s nothing like sitting outside watching the breathtaking sunsets along the shore.  I’ve never seen such beautiful shades of orange, reddish-pink, and gold along the horizon. I can’t wait to go back this winter.

Private beach getaway in South Venice, Florida.

Sunset on Venice Island, Florida.

Many of my romance books take place in the summer.  My latest novella is A Summer’s Enchantment, book 2 in the Moonlight and Jasmine Series.  

Here’s the blurb.

Cassandra Wales, an independent and determined registered nurse finds her plans for the future shattered when her boyfriend dumps her.  Her witchcraft made him squirm and she wasn’t changing for him. The move into her new home keeps her distracted, but she’ll be sure to keep an eye out for red flags next time.  When an elderly woman shows up at her doorstep and makes an odd request, she comes face to face the woman’s hot and sexy grandson.  He convinces her to come to see his band play. Will she be able to trust a man who has women begging for his attention?
Jake Hill is an ambitious, up and coming lead singer in a rock band. When his grandmother asks him to take her over to her first home, he doesn’t question her motives. Instead, he meets the woman of his dreams. Will she stick around while he climbs the ladder in the exciting world of a rock star?
 How will Jake find the time to nurture a relationship when his music takes top billing? Can the passion between them be enough to lead the way, or will fear of failure take control of their destiny?

MY GIVEAWAY ~ I’M GIVING AWAY AN E-BOOK COPY OF A SUMMER’S ENCHANTMENT. COMMENT TO BE ENTERED. More chances for likes and follow blog and twitter. What’s your favorite thing about summer?



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Penny's Tales said...

Hi Kathleen. Your vacation sounds fabulous. One of my favorite things to do is walk the beach. Unfortunately I live in beach near! Your also sound terrific. Best of luck!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Hi Penny! I'm with you. A walk on the beach is so peaceful and refreshing. I've never been to Arizona, but my sister lived there for a short time. She told me the mountains were beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy the hop!

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Sounds like you had the kind of vacation you needed. My favorite summertime vacation is in the mountains. I love that cool, crisp air and magnificent views.

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Hi Sandra! I sure did need the vacation in Florida. The mountains are great in the fall. We go to New Hampshire for the foliage. Love it! I can smell the bonfire now.

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Congratulations to Sandra Nachlinger!
You're the winner of an e-book copy of Savannah's Journey.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by.