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I'm so excited to share the first two reviews for book 1 Night Magic, in the Moonlight and Jasmine series. It's my latest novella released by Secret Cravings Publishing.

Night Magic ~ Blurb

The beautiful but lonely owner of a bath and body shop, Krista Winter is in need of legal counsel. Her past is about to catch up with her.  She was forced to flee from her life as a teacher in New Jersey after being shunned for being a witch.

Life is not the same for Jon Bartolo. He’s a dedicated lawyer, living in the town of Conway, New Hampshire. His days are spent helping his clients with their struggles and his nights are spent in agony, lost in a world between life and death.

His mother, who died three years ago, lurks in his house, suffering from a curse for eternity, without a resting place.

A smoldering fire between Jon and Krista ignites almost immediately, however, he’s sure his secret would frighten a woman away. An afternoon escape brings them closer, but doubts linger between the love-struck couple.

How will Jon’s mother find eternal rest so he can move on with his life? Is he bound to a life of hell on earth?

Will Krista fit into his world when he learns about her past?  Could she be hiding a bigger secret? Is it possible for them to open their hearts to love? Could a touch of Night Magic b just what this couple needs?

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Review by Leslie Soule.

Rating: 5 stars Genre: Paranormal/Romance Pages: 58 Review: Krista is haunted by her past, and hounded by her ex-fiance', Andy. She works at her own store, selling skin-care products. She is a witch, but tries to keep this secret under wraps. Fearing for her safety, she goes to speak with a lawyer. She never expected the lawyer, Jon, to be breathtakingly attractive. She feels an instant connection with him and the feeling is mutual. But Jon has paranormal secrets of his own - namely that his mother lives in limbo, unable to cross over because of a curse put on through a feud with a witch, long ago. Jon is torn between his desire for a relationship and his duty to help his mother. This is a beautifully entertaining story, well-written, with likeable characters and a thoroughly enticing plot. I very much enjoyed reading it and watching the action build to its enchanting conclusion.

Review by Nicole Laverdure.

Beautiful chemistry 5 stars
If you need to change your mind and wish to read a brief and romantic story, then Kathleen Ann Gallagher’s new novella, NIGHT MAGIC, will be perfect for you! It’s refreshing, charming and cute! Do you believe in a Coup de Foudre? At love at first sight? Can there be a strong connection between two people when they first meet? Well that’s what happened to her heroine Krista, a beautiful but lonely owner of a small boutique Silk and Dreams and her hero Jon, a handsome and sexy lawyer. Krista left her home town to start a new life in the country of White Mountains, where she finds it peaceful and can hide her secret past. She soon needs a lawyer for advice, but when they met, sparks flared all over, there was an instant connection and a beautiful chemistry began! The moment he kissed her, all hell broke loose! You will also meet a mystery lady! I really loved reading her romantic story and I recommend it to everyone who has time to enjoy a short intermede!

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