Friday, January 24, 2014


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Jan 21, 14

Read in July, 2013

Thanks to Decadent Publishing for the opportunity to review a story from the new Tease line. I hadn't had the chance to check out that line yet. Thanks to Kathleen Ann Gallagher for creating a story that took us to a place that not many do. 

I love that this story brought in the aspect of spiritual advisors to light. Some people believe in them, some people don't. I don't know where I stand at this point because I have never seen one, but my mom and two of my sisters have. Some of the predictions have come true and some have not. However, I will say that I have faith that there is a plan for everyone and if something is meant to happen, it will. 

I enjoyed watching the two characters reconnect and also talk about why they were at Cape May for the weekend. Some things have a way of working out in ways that we don't expect.