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Today my special guest is author Leanne Dyck.We are both published by Decadent Publishing. Over the past year we have supported one another and exchanged ideas. She is a very talented person who has many interests. I asked her about being an author who writes in multiply genres. Here is her response.

Writing Multi-Genres

Before becoming a Decadent author, I self-published three collections of short stories, a how-to-knit pattern book and a cozy mystery. Decadent Publishing released my erotic short story (Untouched Places written under my pen name—Grace Meadows) and my thriller novella (The Sweater Curse). My most recent writing project is a young adult adventure novel.
            Too many months ago, Kathleen asked me to compose a post on writing multi-genres.
            I did try to produce this post. I sat down and willed my pen to create words. It didn’t move.
            There’s only one explanation. I don’t know how it happens. It’s not a conscious decision. Like Alice In Wonderland, I follow my muse down the rabbit hole. I’m falling—I don’t have time for questions. I just fall. I don’t really care where I’m going—to Iceland, to a cozy cafĂ©, or to a moss covered rock overlooking a roaring ocean.
            This love for multi-genre began in my teens. I’m dyslexic and as a youth was labelled a reluctant reader. Even then, I loved stories. Reading was just too frustrating. Slowly, painfully, I learned how to overcome my difficulties. Until, in my teens, I met a skilled Language Arts teacher. She exposed me to fine literature everything from Animal Farm to Ethan Frome to The Crucibles. She opened the door to a magical world. These books seduced me and created within me an undeniable hunger. Soon I was consuming everything from mysteries to romances to sci fi to memoirs. I paid little heed to title, author or genre—my only demand was story.
            And this need continues as I hope it always will.

Thank you for visiting my blog Leanne. It is always a pleasure to have you join us. We can't wait to see what you do next. 

Here's where you can find Leanne and her work.

Contact Links

Website:  www.oknitting.com

Twitter Id:  lustfulgraces

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Untouched Places

The Sweater Curse

Decadent Publishing   http://www.decadentpublishing.com/product_info.php?products_id=203&osCsid=ep6jlbnir3bacfp9floeovjqt7



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  Leanne Dyck
 Author of (the thriller)The Sweater Curse

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Decadent Publishing's Anniversary Sale on Smashwords

Decadent Publishing is having an anniversary sale! You can get some of your favorite books for 1/2 price. Here is a list of some fabulous stories along with the links. There's something for everyone. Pick up a sweet romance, an erotic romance, a paranormal, or a holiday read. Much more....

Buy Links. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/50321

A Christmas Evening Vigil 
A Christmas Promise 
A Queen Seduced 
Bared Essentials 
Be Mine 
Behind Wooden Doors 
Beyond the Dream Catcher 
Blood Moon 
By the Light of the Silvery Moon 
Careful What You Wish 
Celestial Seduction 
Coming Home 
Crushed Sugar
Echoes at Dawn
Evie's Gift 
Eye Contact 
Fae Eye for the Golem Guy 
Fairy Casanova 
First Kiss
Glow in the Dark 
Guarding the Coast 
Handcuffs and Silk 
High Above
Invasion of the Nylonians
Kya's King 
Long, Hard Ride 
Love by Auction 
Love With an Improper Stranger 
Maggie's Secret Wish 
Melting Frost
Most Eligible
Of Course I try
One Night at the Beach
Out Of Joint
Princesses Gone Wild
Red's Return
Road Mage
Run Devil Run 
Second Time Around
Senior Year Bites 
Share Your Soul
Something Blue 
Soul Catcher 
Sugar Rush
tender is the Knight
The Devil's Bidding
The Golden Haired Boy 
The Kraken's Mirror 
The Legacy Keeper's Treasure 
The Middlesex Suite 
The Music of Chaos 
The Ship's Mistress 
The Sister's Story 
The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones 
The Sweater Curse 
The Temple of the Heart 
The Wayward Child
Those Who Wait

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