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Today we're celebrating the upcoming release Forever Freed by Laura Kaye. It will be released on May 20th. I think you're in for a treat. Forever Freed sounds like a paranormal romance you won't want to miss!

Welcome to Kathleen's Place to Reflect, Laura. 

Laura Kaye, Forever Freed
Official Release May 20
Print Edition Available to Order Now

Thanks to Kathleen for hosting me and my book here today! Forever Freed is my second book but my first novel-length and first paranormal romance.  My most recent release was a contemporary romance called Hearts in Darkness (The Wild Rose Press) and my next one after Forever Freed is an erotic romance (Just Gotta Say, Decadent Publishing, forthcoming this summer)—as you can see, I’m a bit of a genre-hopper!  Set in Detroit, Forever Freed is about a reclusive vampire who falls in love with a woman he planned to kill and her young daughter, and then must overcome his century-old grief, bloodlust, the consequences of a lie by omission, and a jealous vampire rival from his past who promises to ruin all he holds dear.  Here’s more about Forever Freed:

My heart may not beat, but that doesn’t mean it’s not broken.
After an isolated century mourning the murder of my long-ago family, I crave the irresistible scents of joy and love that radiate from my new neighbors, a single mother and her young daughter. I’m starved for their blood, and for the healing respite from my ancient grief that will accompany drinking down their life-giving emotions. Now to lure them in.
But they surprise me. Little Olivia accepts me without fear or reservation—talking, smiling, offering innocent affection that tugs at my long-lost humanity. Her mother, Samantha, seeks me out when she should stay away, offering sweet friendship, and calling to the forgotten man in me. They lure me in.
Aw, Dio, Lucien, run and spare them while you can…


We walked the avenue for a few minutes and before long found ourselves in Cadillac Square
, a large oval plaza in the middle of downtown. Samantha pulled herself on top of a table and rested her feet on the attached metal bench below.
I sat next to her and watched her lips and throat work while she ate. The tightness in my jeans finally forced me to look away.
“Are you sure you don’t want to try some? It’s really good.”
I glanced back to her and found her smiling. “No. Thanks, though.” I tried like hell not to focus on her long pink tongue.
“Oh, come on. Are you really going to make me eat alone?” She held the ice cream closer to my face.
I smiled in defeat. It appeared I was going to have to eat some ice cream. When I still didn’t take her up on her offer, she tilted the cone towards me and touched it to my nose.
I flinched. I didn’t know what facial expression I wore, but it set her off laughing with abandon. She laughed so hard she almost dropped the cone. It was irresistible. I had to join her.
“I’m…I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Here…” She held up a napkin and wiped the cold cream off my face. The smell of her radial artery set my mouth to watering, and I longed to lean forward and lap at the slender length of her exposed wrist.
I smiled and looked at her intently. “This is a dangerous game you’re playing, Samantha.”
She shivered. “Oh really? How is that?” The flirtation in her voice was unmistakable. And enthralling.
Before she even saw me do it, I scooped some of the offending cream on my finger and wiped it messily across her lips and chin. She screamed and laughed. I swallowed hard at the soft feel of her lips.
She turned to face me on the table. When our laughter settled, I sat holding my cream-covered finger up in front of her. She used the soiled napkin from my face to clean off her own. Then she saw the ice cream still on my hand.
“Sorry, that was my only napkin.” I grimaced at the ice cream and Samantha huffed. “Who doesn’t like ice cream? Do you want me to get rid of that for you?” She met my eyes and arched one eyebrow.
The mild scent of her adrenaline intrigued me. “Please,” I said quietly, observing her with interest.
She grabbed my hand by the wrist and pulled it down to her face.
I gaped at what she intended to do but was so captivated my finger was in her mouth before I’d grappled with whether or not to allow her to do it. My brain exploded with the sensation. Ah, Cristo. So warm. So wet.
Her pulse beat through her tongue. I fought not to gasp out loud. My eyes stung as blood threatened to rush in, as happened when I fed or felt threatened or aroused. It took all my concentration to will the blood away.
“There,” she whispered as her lips slid off the tip of my wet finger. Her heart thundered in her chest. The blossoming scent of her arousal was mouthwatering. “All better.”

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Thank you for being my guest today, Laura.  I really enjoyed your post. All the best!



Kate Richards said...

Good luck and congrats on your new release!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

I love the blurb and excerpt, Laura! The trading cards are gorgeous! Congrats!!

Laura Kaye said...

Thanks Kathleen for having me here today! I know, I totally love the trading cards idea (kudos Jeannie Lin!). Thanks for stopping by, Kate!

adobedragon said...

Yeah, your trading cards are awesome. As for genre hopping, can't say I blame you. It's so hard to stick with just one flavor of fiction.

Congrats on your new release!

P. Kirby

Laura Kaye said...

They were so much fun to do, too! Plus, people are now sending me SASE to receive them, and that's so cool! Thanks for stopping by, P!

Maureen said...

Whoohoo! That is some hot excerpt there!

Hales said...

heya I'm a late commentor! I loved your blurb andthe realness of it not mattering what species a man/woman can still feel the pain. I loved the excerpt and cover too can't wait to read!

Laura Kaye said...

@Maureen--thanks so much! Me likey too! :)

@Hales--you're not late, you're right on time! I'm glad you could relate to the character! That's awesome!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Thanks again for a great guest blog, Laura! All the best with your upcoming releases. I hope you visit again.

Decadent Publishing said...

Mmm.....sounds delish!

Thanks for sharing, Laura. :)
Decadent Publishing

Laura Kaye said...

@Heather--thanks so much for dropping by!

@Kathleen--thanks for hosting me--it was great!