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 SciFi Erotica on the Rise!

Thanks, Kathleen for giving me a place to blog about my new release, The Ship’s Mistress. I’ve always loved science fiction and can honestly say that it was the first adult genre I read growing up. Once I left behind Trixie Beldon and The Hardy Boys, I started reading from my Dad’s science fiction collection. Dad was a member of The Science Fiction Bookclub from wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay back and so I read the classics. Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, Clifford D. Simak, A.E. VanVogt…some are writers you may know, but probably not!

We watched Star Trek religiously. Along with all those campy Irwin Allen shows. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants, Lost in Space…we watched ‘em all! Loved the old 50s movies featuring giant creatures twisted by radioactivity, or invasion movies… They were the norm around my house.

Yes, I have always been a nerd.

When I first began writing, I wrote adventure and I still write adventure. I love writing adventure… If they had a genre in the romance industry called Romantic Adventure, I’d so be there!

But now and then, I love to write something with a scifi feel to it. But, being me, I had to add some sexy stuff also. Okay, I had to make it erotic. (I mean, think about it, how many women did Kirk sleep with? Bones got his share. Even Spock and Scotty!) It’s really no wonder I’ve gone in the direction I gone!

Today, The Ship’s Mistress is available from Decadent Publishing. The Sister’s Story/Sari’s Sister, will be coming soon. Both of these novellas are set in the Etwan Confederacy…where human colonies, fallen to a more basic society are held together by the space ships of the Etwan, an alien race interested in helping the humans be all that they can be. With some limitations to temper their volatile nature.

Here is the blurb from The Ship’s Mistress, followed by an excerpt… (And yes, it involves ocean voyages, because that is really my thing… Alien worlds have oceans, too!)

Jahari gave herself to the starborn Etwa to save her little sister from life in a foul brothel. Ironically, tests reveal an aptitude for sensual service and Jahari is trained as a high court slut. A contract of seven years runs out on the planet Mentari but the powerful Basba is determined to keep her. She escapes swearing to see him reported to the Etwan authorities.

Toseman is the captain of the Sea Horse, sailing the seas of Mentari. Several days from port a stowaway is brought before him. Her bright blue hair betrays her high slut identity and puts his secret at risk. Drawn to her, he accepts her offer to serve as ship’s mistress and promises to see her to the nearest Etwan spaceport.

They are pursued by her former master as the two join forces and with the help of the Sea Horse crew, they seek Etwan justice.

Excerpt – (Warning, this is a very explicit scene)

“She’s agreed; keep it to the cabin. Take care with her back.”

I heard him through the rush of blood to my head. All my senses sharpened, far beyond normal human levels. I turned my face and kissed Mitral’s neck, my hands fumbled to touch the skin of his chest. He carried me to the table, set me down and stripped his shirt away. I filled my hands with his skin. I took long breaths along his broad chest, relishing the scent of him. He rippled with muscles and strength.

All my senses drew tight and focused. Every nuance of Mitral’s body cried out to me, attracted me. I knew his health, I knew his desires. He was nearly a foot taller than me, his upper body sculpted, his hands calloused. A sun-lightened mat of hair near his belly made me moan. I trailed my fingers down to where this path of hair disappeared into his sailor’s pants. Damn, he was wonderfully stiff and determined to be first.

The others drew close. One climbed to the table at my back and finished the removal of my shift, caressed my breasts, pinched my nipples. His fingers tugged at the gold ring as he licked and sucked at my neck. I groaned, twisted to take his lips with mine. Our tongues clashed as I felt my hip scarf carefully undone and drawn away.

A hush filled the cabin as I spread my legs, eager for the exposure, eager for the invitation.


And for a sneak peak at The Sister’s Story…      

Sari lives on the Etwan world of Verdant. A student for twelve years, the Etwan have helped her learn control of her telepathic abilities. She is sexually experienced, a bright woman with a past that is a blank slate. As she approaches her 18th birthday, her desire to know more of her background grows.

Haunted by bits and pieces of a world she barely remembers, she hears a name at a trader’s fair. Her faint memories begin to rise. Determined to discover more, she seizes the clues fallen her way and leaves for the world of Mentari, where she hopes to meet the woman who may have sold her to the Etwan.

On this journey she is accompanied by two men, J’reem and Dell. The three of them find a deep connection on the journey, reveling in the physical and mental bond that develops. But trouble awaits her on Mentari, riding with the Etwan ship. She reaches Mentari and sees the ocean, but whether the high slut Jahari will acknowledge her is something she may never discover.


Excerpt – (Warning, this is a very explicit scene)

J’reem asked if I would mind his sharing Dell’s bed on the seventh night out. I shrugged. “Of course not. He’s a handsome man and you have a connection to him.”

My dear friend looked at me closely before replying. “You would be welcome to join us, Sari.”

I admit his first question left me with a touch of feeling abandoned. I’d admired Dell since we’d boarded. He’d been very friendly, hugging J’reem and offering me a warm hand clasp. I’d seen him watching me when we dined, and he flirted with an amusing tilt of his head, a real natural at the craft. I found flirting extremely difficult, so a master at the ability impressed me.

I smiled at J’reem. “I’d like that, but only if he is inclined.”

“He’s very inclined, Sari.” He rose from the bench where we’d been sitting and I could see the stiffness of his cock. “I told him I’d ask and his eyes grew dark.” Reaching for my hands, he took hold and pulled me to my feet. With a show of impatience, he shoved the ambersand beads back into the pouch and pulled me down the hallway.

“Now?” I giggled.

“If not sooner.”

We spilled into Dell’s tiny cabin laughing and already pulling at each other’s clothing. Dell put down the book he’d been studying and caught his breath as J’reem pulled my shirt off and threw it at him. Then he spun me, pressing my ass against his erection. Hands rose to hold my breasts, as if offering them to his friend.

Dell climbed from the single chair, fell to his knees and slowly pulled my loose pants from my waist until they pooled at my feet. J’reem kissed my neck and whispered delightful words into my ears as Dell’s breath tickled my bush.

I’d dallied with two at once before, but somehow this was different. I already knew J’reem. But he surprised me with the base words he enticed me with.

“I dreamed of this, since we first fucked. I knew his cock and your cunt would sing together. I want to watch you under him. Sketch you lost as he pounds into you… One day I will sculpt you both in clay.”

J’reem painted a vision in my head that took my breath away. I knew the power of vulgarity, but he composed poetry with the crude litany. I saw the book Dell had tossed fall to the floor and realized he’d been reading Jahari’s book.

“So lovely.” Dell stated, thumbs meeting at my clitoris, then pressing and parting my flesh to clear a path for his tongue. He stroked my flesh to a fever pitch, even as I arched against J’reem, his hands continually toying with my breasts, lips kissing my neck between bouts of whispering his fantasies in my ear.

The two of them caught me totally unprepared. I thought we’d play, but they buried me under a deep level of passion. I found myself sprawled on the bed under Dell as he slid into me with a hunger I would never have guessed he possessed. J’reem sat a few feet away, pants straining against his cock. He pulled his sketch pad out of his discarded pack and began to sketch.



I’m attempting a few things that are a real stretch for me in these novellas. First person point of view and reclaiming of the word slut. For these stories, slut is defined by the Etwan dictionary…

Slut: (noun) In the common vernacular a word denoting a man or woman of great sexual prowess, strength and knowledge. A high slut is one considered extremely valuable and treasured. Once a word with a far different meaning among the human population, used to denigrate and deride a woman with a strong sexual appetite. Still in use on the more primitive patriarchal worlds under Etwan influence, a condition the Etwan strive to eliminate.

I like to reclaim words, especially words that have been assigned meanings that degrade the female or the female form. I hope you enjoy my hot little stories. And if you do, let me know! Check out my website at for links to where I blog and when, and send me an e-mail! I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for being my guest today, Maureen. Congrats on the release Of The Ship's Mistress and the upcoming release of Sari's Search.



Deena said...

Hey there, Maureen! I applaud your recycling and reclaiming of words! Gives new meaning to the quote,"Jane, you ignorant slut." LOL For those of you too young to remember, it's from the original cast of SNL.

Kathleen, thanks for sharing Maureen with us!

Maureen said...

Deena - Gods, I loved that skit! I always thought it would be fun to do a play on it with regard to specific genre vs no specific genre or something like that! ;-)

I do think words need to be brought back from the abyss...

Decadent Publishing said...

Maureen, you and I will be fast friends at RT. I am a sci-fi NUT and I'm so excited these books are on our 'shelf'.

Decadent Publishing

p.s. Deena is a nutter, too. Just sayin'.

The Sweater Curse said...

Congratulations, Maureen on your new release and on your soon-to-be released.

adobedragon said...

Hurray for nerds! I love SF. SF plus romance. Yummy!

Congrats on the new release and upcoming release.


Pat Kirby

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

I'm happy to have you as my guest today, Maureen. The excerpts are fabulous. Your attempt to write in first person is a success.
Enjoy the champagne. Sorry I didn,t have time to buy a bottle of rum.

Deena said...

Hey, Hb and Maureen! Nutters rock! And I can't wait to get nutty with y'all!

Maureen said...

My first love was scifi...and let's face it, there is always a romance in there...somewhere! And with somethings...what is more romantic than a man and his ship? Space going or ocean going? Or a Timelord and his timemachine?

Deena - Nutters unite! And have some rum...I brought it, is okay Kathleen didn't get some. I always have a bottle with me in my interdimensional pocket over my right's linked to the original bottle of rum so it never runs dry! ;-)

Leanne - Looking forward to invading...errrr...being a guest on the SweaterCurse blog in June!

Pat's over at the Revenge being slowly roasted by the pirates if'n anyone wants to go see her... Puh-lease!