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Daily Dose of Decadence: Spotlight Sunday with...

Daily Dose of Decadence: Spotlight Sunday with...: "Graylin Fox! Happy Sunday! I’m Graylin Fox and today we delve into my twisted little writers mind. Has s..."

Daily Dose of Decadence: Show & Tell Saturday

Daily Dose of Decadence: Show & Tell Saturday: "with Maureen O. Betita I live near one of the most beautiful places in California. Hey, I believe it’s one of the most beautiful places..."

Jon Bon Jovi and Friends Wanted Starland Ballroom Sayreville 1-27-11

I've been working day and night on my writing.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, but when my husband asked me if I wanted to go to the Starland Ballroom in Sayrevelle New Jersey, I could not resist.  Jon Bon Jovi and friends were doing a charity concert for the Parker Family Health Center, in Red Bank.  My fabulous husband surprised me with tickets.  He knew I would love the intimate feel of a concert in Jon's hometown.  I took my son, Jake, and we rocked all night long. Jon brought along some of his friends, which included, Southside Johnny. I came home with renewed energy and was ready to get back to work. It felt good knowing the money made from the event would go to a worthy cause.  Someone posted the video of Jon singing Wanted Dead or Alive on You Tube. We all sang along.  Maybe you can hear me in the background. Sometimes you need to kick back, and let loose.  Enjoy!

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Relax and grab your favorite cup of coffee, or tea and join me in welcoming Keira Kroft to our Saturday Sneak Peek Coffee Klatch.  Her debut romantic suspense, Glow in the Dark is coming soon to Decadent Publishing.


1)  When did you first start writing? Seventeen years ago. When my daughter was little I used to sit in the park with pen and paper. About four years ago, I got serious and learned everything there is to know on the subject. Along with how to use the damn computer. You have to practically be a tech to use the Microsoft word program, LOL
2)  What genre do you write in? Romance, but my preference is to play around with the genre. My current novel Glow in the Dark is a Romantic suspense, my next will be a romantic mafia thriller, I think, and by next Christmas a paranormal romance. So I like to mix it up.
3)  Why did you choose it? I didn’t, it chose me. I suppose deep down I have always enjoyed a good love story.
4)   Would you work on a series?  Of course if yes, what do you like about it? Well, I like strong complex character’s that have more than one story to tell. What made you decide to do it? That was another thing where the stories called to me. I have characters in my head with a story to tell, some have one story and some have multiple stories to tell.
5)  Do you have a ritual before sitting down to write?  Do you listen to music, light candles, or wear something sexy to put you in the mood for creating love scenes?   I like that sexy candle thing. No, my sexy wear is Pajamas and coffee attached to my hand. I can successfully write one handed now, while I plow java with the other. My ritual is to get up before the dawn while it’s quiet in the house.
6)  Do you work on more than one project at a time?  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That would be a yes, but you probably mean the writing. I personally work three jobs (I watch kids and we own two business’s) besides the writing. As far as a book, yes that’s how I avoid writers block. If a story seems to be going stale or getting too hard to write, I go to another story and that primes me back up and then that’s less I have to do on that other story later. If you do, how do you manage your time? Insanity, your mind is not aware of what your body is enduring, lol
7)  How much time in your busy day do you spend on your craft? 8 to 12, but I get pulled away quite a bit, during the day.
8)  Since Valentine’s Day is next month, can you share your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day date?  Football isn’t on Valentine’s Day, so I dunno, lol :)  Okay fine, I actually enjoy VD being a family affair. We get a pizza every year and watch a movie together, my husband and I and our daughter. If you mean sex, then every day is Valentine’s Day for us and to have that— is very special.
9)  What season do you find to be the one that sparks more new romances, and why? The correct answer you would think would be winter, curled up against a warm man next to a roaring fire. But for me the heat of summer and the perfect breeze in the evening is the most romantic.
10) If your most recent novel was made into a movie, who would you like to see cast in the lead roles, and why? Kaley Cuoco & Alex O’Laughlin, they look like the characters, they’re both hotties, just like Jake and Corey and they are the right age difference.
11) Do you have a particular author whose work inspires you?  Inspires me no. If yes, who, and why? But I have a fondness for Nora Roberts, JoAnn Ross and Diana Cosby. Can you give away any of your secret indulgences?  We promise not to tell. Well as long as it’s a secret; don’t tell anyone that I’ m obsessed with chocolate covered liquors.
12) Would you give us a hint about your work in progress? We’re dying to know what’s coming next.  Well Kathleen I’m torn between two lovers. My plan is to finish the first in the series of my romantic mafia thriller, but at the same time I am working on a story about a woman whose family disappears. In the meantime she embarks on a hot affair. After she falls in love with the man that’s been keeping her occupied, she must choose between the memory of her missing family and the man of her dreams.
13) Can you share an excerpt of your latest release? Of course here you go

Corey couldn’t handle the passion she was experiencing—she had responsibilities. She had a daughter and a boyfriend. Other than giving birth to a healthy Molly this was the best moment in her life. She knew that if she walked away she would never again feel like she felt in Jake’s arms. Mark certainly didn’t make her feel that way, in fact no other man ever had.

He’s the one.

If he was the one, why was his timing so off? Corey couldn’t handle the surge of emotions that were suffocating her insides. She tore away from Jake and bolted.

14) Where can we find you? Website, face book, blog, email?


Thank you for spending the morning with us, and allowing us to sneak a peek. We've enjoyed learning more about you, and look forward to the release of Glow in the Dark. 


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Daily Dose of Decadence: Spotlight Sunday with...

Daily Dose of Decadence: Spotlight Sunday with...: "...Silke Juppenlatz! How did you start your writing career? I learned the alphabet. No, seriously. My dad taught me to read and from the m..."

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The Sweater Curse a Psycological Thriller will be released by Decadent Publishing on January 10, 2011
Writer’s Block

Take Note

            Piss off! You heard me. Leave. I don’t want you around. I don’t have anything for you—no money, no booze, no nothin’. Isn’t it bad enough that I’m trapped in this tin piss can without you tormenting me? I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone. I’m just fine on my own, thank you very much. I don’t need your help. I don’t need your pity. If you stay, one of the two of us is going to get hurt and I can guarantee it won’t be me. So get the hell out of my house! Why are you still here? Are you deaf, dumb, and stupid?

            He found the note on the breakfast table. There it was beside his scrambled eggs and toast. He picked it up and read it out slowly. It was Saturday—he had the time.
            He smiled. Smiled—at such a note? Was he insane?
            Maybe. He did, after all, love a writer. That required some degree of insanity.
            Yes, he smiled. He smiled because he knew her writer’s block was over. The clouds had lifted. The sun shone. The birds sang. All was right with the world. His wife was back at work. She had once again found her muse.
            “Did you read it?” she enquired, with a kiss.
            “Um, yes, well, yes. I did.”
            “Well, what do you think?” she beamed inquisitively.
            “It’s rather, well, strong.”
            “Yes, I know, isn’t it? I’m not sure where it fits yet. Sometimes it’s like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Only you don’t have to find all the corner pieces first. You just have to find a piece.”
            Yes, he had to admit, it did help to be a little insane.


Oh, yes I’m very familiar with writer’s block. So, familiar, am I, in fact, that I’ve devised ways and means to overcome it. These strategies have worked for me—I hope they work for you.
Release:  One word leads to another. So grab a pen and write the first thing that comes to your mind—how cute your boyfriend looks in jeans; what you love about your new job; the weather. Write.
While you write, don’t worry about word count, grammar or spelling. Simply allow words to pour out of your pen uncensored. The only goal here is to relax and release.
Pep talk:  It’s often beneficial to seek the advice of others who’ve faced the same obstacle. So, talk with or read the books of fellow writers to discover their strategies.
Helpful books are Steven King’s On Writing, James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure, Nancy Lamb’s The Art and Craft of Storytelling.
Set goals:  As a member of a critique group, my self-imposed expectation is that I have something to share at each meeting. If I don’t, my peers will know. For me, this external means of accountability is a strong motivator.
Other sources of motivation may be a daily word count or a weekly blog post.
Change of scenery:  Sometimes unblocking can be as easy as going for a walk. Physical exercise allows my brain to work, while the rest of me is otherwise engaged.
If I consciously think about my writing at all, I focus on my reader.
I have to write—I don’t want, I can’t disappoint them. They’re counting on me.
I return to my project refreshed and ready to write.

All writers face it, you will overcome it—believe 

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