Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes strange things happen to me and I wonder if they happen to everyone.  My father was my mentor, and a brilliant and talented man.  He was born in 1898, and endured the early death of his father at the hands of a gunman.  He was forced to leave school early to support a family of ten.  He survived the Great Depression, fought in the boxing ring, and amazed people with his thrilling magic act.  He was the kind of person that brought happiness to everyone around him.  He studied self hypnosis, and taught his audiences  how to relax and enjoy the wonders of the world around them.  He passed away in 1983, with his loved ones by his side.  I kept a photo of him dressed in a black tuxedo, smiling as he held one of his lovely white doves.  I always felt a connection to this photo, since I was the one that snapped the picture.

 One morning over twenty years after his death, I became emotional after listening to a sad song on the radio.  I held the photo in my hands, wishing he could see how my life turned out.  I wanted him to know that my mother was doing well, and I wanted to know if his spirit was at peace.  I felt an urge to tell him how much his love and passion for helping people affected me and my decision to become a registered nurse.  I had a sense of something mysterious that afternoon, but could not figure out what it was.

 Later in the day, I left to start my shift at the hospital.  When I took my assignment and began making rounds, a woman called to me from across the hall.  She asked me my name and where I was from.  I answered her question, but it puzzled me.  In the far corner, a man sat up in bed and said, "Your father Nick Lane, was my godfather."  I moved closer to him, and he reached for my hand and smiled.  He went on to tell me stories about the times they spent together. I had no idea of their relationship, since it was before I was born. I believe taht my chance encounter was my fathers way of telling me all was understood.

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