Monday, December 21, 2015


Merry Christmas! Luc is my 2 1/2 year old Coton de Tulear. He is my writing buddy and he wants to help me share my good news.

Drum Roll Please!  I received an early Christmas present. A contract from Beachwalk Press, for my contemporary romance, Love's Encore popped up in my inbox. I am so excited to share Sadie's and Vince's story. I'll give you more details as I learn them. For now, here is the unedited blurb. 

Love's Encore 
Contemporary romance

Love's Encore is a story about finding love amidst life's changing tides. Sadie Layne, a thirty year old cancer survivor is on a celebratory trip to LA with her best friends. She is determined to enjoy life after getting a second chance. Sadie thought she’d tucked away her regrets over her decision to give up a career in the theater to teach drama long ago. Or has she? 

 When she runs into Vince De Carlo, an actor she worked with in a theater group back in her hometown of Point Pleasant NJ, in the hotel lobby, she is pleasantly surprised. He transformed into one hot dude. Seeing him again disrupts her plans and reminds her of the life she reluctantly left behind. The dark-haired and muscular actor soon sparks her desires. Vince is in LA to promote a television pilot and his attraction to Sadie is stronger than ever. He never forgot her, even though a trusted friendship and a scripted kiss was all they shared. 

 The reunited pair give in to temptation with passion taking the lead, but reality collides with lust, and both struggle with strong doubts about their blossoming romance. Sadie dreads facing her defeat as an actress, and Vince worries how a struggling actor like himself will never be able to give the accomplished Sadie what she deserves. 

 Will this small town couple find a way to keep their love alive and build a future where dreams do come true? Is it better to bury the past? Or will act two lead the way to their heart’s desire?

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