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 James White has it all, looks, brains, and a charming personality. But in his romance cover model’s world, those blessings have become a curse. A colleague has blurred the line between life in front of the camera and reality; distorting the truth, and turning a friendship into a dangerous obsession. Hope Evans had a dream job, working with sexy, hot photographs; turning authors’ dreams into award-winning covers. When unexpectedly laid off, she must find her namesake in life … some kind of hope for her future. Can a birthday wish give her what she truly desires? They say be careful what you wish for. Destiny brings Jamie and Hope what they’ve been seeking: each other. Fate also throws in a psychopath and her equally sinister sister, both hell-bent on making Jamie and Hope’s world a living hell. A hero on thousands of romance covers; can he be one for real when lives are on the line?


Midnight in LA was like rush hour in LA. It took them twice as long to get back to his place as it should have due to a couple of accidents off to the side of the road. Brake lights and headlights lit up the freeway like a lava flow. Hope had fallen asleep soon after Jamie put her in the car. He replayed everything that had happened since his photo shoot went bust with Brittany and his ire reignited. He didn’t know what he’d do if she tried to contact him again. She’s good, the psychotic bitch, always making it seem as though I’m the bad guy on the phone and she’s only trying to make things right again. At last, he pulled up the driveway and into the garage. He turned off the car and closed the garage door. Time to forget about her and concentrate on the extraordinary woman next to you, bud.
“Hope, babe, we’re here.” He leaned over and kissed her lightly on her cheek. She stirred, turned toward him, and smiled drowsily.
“Oh, good, ’cause I’m in desperate need of a comfy bed and you, mister. What are the chances of me getting those at this time of night?”
He put his forehead against hers and whispered, “I think your chances are pretty damned good. In fact, I’d say it is a sure bet. Place your chips, baby.”
Her throaty laugh sent waves of heat through his body straight to all points south. The nighttime air had caused her voice to deepen and rasp, and sound sexy as hell. “I’ll place my chips, honey. Just show me where.”
“Right here, sweetheart, right here.” He pointed to the bulge in his pants. They burst into laughter that sent tears streaming down their cheeks.
“Oh, my God! That’s the cheesiest line ever.” She shook her head.
“I know! I can’t believe I just said that!” He turned serious and looked at her sparkling eyes for a moment, needing to touch her. He reached out a tentative hand to gently tuck away a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “Let’s get out of here and into that comfy bed you requested.”
“Yes, let’s.” Her eyes spoke the rest of her desires.
He brought her straight to his bedroom on the second floor, a master suite, complete with loveseat and sofa by a fireplace at the far end. She marveled at the moonlight casting a soft glow through the amber stained glass windows, illuminating a king-sized bed loaded with pillows of all shapes and sizes. He pushed them aside and lowered her gently to the plush bed coverings, joining her just as she’d been anticipating since before dinner. They stayed locked in a desperate embrace for a while, before he released her. He rose above her like a canopy, his powerful arms and legs forming posts on either side of her. She couldn’t resist, wouldn’t resist the urge to release his hair from its bindings, and raked her fingers through to release their waves. His eyes, golden with desire, seemed to search for refuge in hers.
“I could lose myself in your eyes.”
 She parted her lips but found no words to adequately respond. She batted her lashes and turned away, embarrassed and thrilled at the same time. He moved his head and captured her gaze once again. “No, don’t look away. Look at me. Let me find lost in you.” He’d spoken so softly, so openly and raw. She smiled gently at his play on words, loving the intimacy, the perfection, of the moment.

 She raised herself up to but a hair’s breadth away from his face. “Kiss me, Jamie, and we’ll find lost together.” 


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I've been reading romance for as long as I can remember. A good book can reach into your heart and uplift your spirit. It can make a gloomy day come to life. An exciting story can take you to places you've only dreamed of visiting. The characters become our friends, and their stories reflect on things we may have experienced or wish to experience. Reading takes you out of your daily life, yet reminds you of the things you're too busy to notice. Like your first kiss, sitting in front of a crackling fire wrapped in the arms of someone you love or standing up for yourself and knowing when to walk away. It reminds you of the feelings of new love and helps to rekindle the love you may have tossed aside.

My journey as a romance author started five years ago. I have four books published. I'm working on a series called Moonlight and Jasmine. Freya's Spell from Secret Cravings Publishing is the prequel.

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Fall is a great season to get lost in a romance novel.  One of the stories I read recently took hold of my heart.  Roping Love by Tamara Hoffa caught my attention on the first page. I read it in one sitting and loved the fast pace, wonderfully developed characters, passionate love scenes, and heartfelt moments.

Here's the blurb.

Ten Years ago love slipped through Chance’s lasso. This time “He was going after her and she didn’t stand a chance, just like a calf in a Chute, he was going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.”

Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, Chance Ryan. After ten years of absence Chance shows back up in her life. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance has some serious work ahead of him to win back the one woman he could never forget.


Chance felt like he’d been thrown from a bucking bronco. Ten years. He hadn’t seen her in ten years. And it was just like before. God, she was even more beautiful than she had been at eighteen. Time had matured her body, her curves a little fuller than they had been. Her hair was short now, almost boyish in length, but curling softly around her face it looked feminine and flirty. It was a deeper shade of blonde now too, a golden honey color that looked stunning against her sun-bronzed skin. What the hell was she doing here? And who the hell was the kid with her? Chance was busy doing mental math, the kid looked nine or ten. Carrie had called him several times in the months after he left. He’d never returned her calls. Could she have been trying to tell him she was pregnant? No it couldn’t be, she would have told him. Wouldn’t she have?

“I’d say small world, but since it really is a small world and we haven’t run into each other in ten years…” 

Carrie arched one eyebrow, he always loved when she did that, it looked so haughty and hot. 

“What brings you here?” Chance asked 

“Same as you I guess, looking for some brood mares.” 

“Actually, we’re selling this mare.” Nodding at the other, nearly forgotten man in the stall. “This is my brother, Chase.” 

“Nice to meet you,” Carrie said, looking down at Tyler, “Well, we need to get to the Coliseum, Tyler wants to see the cutting.” Keeping her arm around his shoulders they turned to leave. 

“We should talk,” Chance said 

Carrie looked over her shoulder and stared him straight in the eye. “I think the time for talking is long past.” 

The phrase she was so mad she could chew nails and spit screws ran though his mind at her look. Damn. He had really fucked things up between them. Why hadn’t he taken her calls again? 

Oh, yeah, to give her a chance at a good life. 

“I really need to talk to you.” 

“There’s nothing left to say.”

Here's where you can find Roping Love.

Secret Cravings Publishing
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Coming this OCTOBER
Contemporary bestselling author JoAnne Kenrick
Isle of myth and magic. Destined Mates. One extraordinary night.
SEAL THE DEAL, Isle of Man and Selkie book one.

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1. Before we start talking about your book, why don’t you tell everybody a little bit about yourself?

I write historical and contemporary erotic romance in the subgenre of westerns. I do love my cowboys. As a registered nurse by trade, I tend to put some pretty realistic emergency situations in my books at times although I’ve been told by my readers they hate to see me kill off a character. I live in Middle Tennessee with my husband of 14 years, 4 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats. All of which are spoiled beyond belief. I have six children, all of which are grown now and on their own. I do love being an empty-nester. I love creating new situations for my cowboys to fall in love with the woman of their dreams.

2. Besides writing, what other things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?   I like to ride my horses, play with my dogs, sit on the porch of our home and watch the sun go down. The typical country life for me. I do enjoy reading other authors I love and admire like Desiree Holt, Tonya Ramagos and so many others.

3. What is your daily routine as far as when you have an idea for your story?  I’m a panster by nature so as long as the characters are talking with me, I’m good to go. They get stubborn sometimes so I have to coax them along. I’m not an earlier riser per se. I’m up around eight in the morning, have a cup of coffee or two, clear my email and do business/promotion stuff. I try to write in the evenings and on weekends.
4. Where do you get your ideas from?  I can get ideas from just about anywhere. I enjoy people watching and making up stories in my head for them by what I see. They don’t even have to be together in real life, but I can weave a story around a glance, a song…just about anything.
5. Out of all of the stories you’ve written so far, what would be your favorite and why?  Probably Wild Wyoming Nights. That one has a special place in my heart, but each story is my favorite as I’m writing it.
6. Tell us something funny about yourself that not a lot of people know about?  I recently thought about getting a tattoo. My husband would kill me, but I chickened out. I’m not even sure what I’d get, but I thought about it.
7. Are any of the stories you’ve written based on real life experiences or are they basically just from imagination?  Every story has a bit of me in it, but they aren’t normally based on a real life situation. Imagination is a great thing.
8. Does your ‘muse’ have a name and if so what is his/her name?  I haven’t given my muse a name. I guess I should probably do that although my muse comes in many different faces. Usually a gorgeous cowboy sitting on the edge of my desk tapping his spurs against the side until I write his story.
9. What other genre besides the one you are writing about now would you like to venture into writing? I have several fans who want me to write a cowboy shifter which I’m contemplating. Unfortunately, I already have too much on my plate.
10. Who are your favorite authors that are out now? I love several smaller press authors. Desiree Holt, Cherise Sinclair, Kallypso Masters, Tonya Ramagos and many, many others.
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Book Blurb:

Jeffery Young is tired of women and their games. His son’s mother did enough damage to his heart to last a lifetime. Now, he had to deal with the architect helping the land developers tear up the local ranches for their houses. Not on his watch. Terri Kennedy had her own plans. As the architect for a large land development in Bandera Texas, the deal would put her business on the map, but dealing with the stubborn, bullheaded male from the local ranch didn’t come with her job description. Maybe staying on their guest ranch would give her some clues as how to handle Mr. Stubborn Jackass. Will the secrets she’s harboring keep him from getting close? Can he learn to trust women again or should be play the game to find out what’s she’s up to?
Sandy Sullivan is a romance author, who, when not writing, spends her time with her husband Shaun on their farm in middle Tennessee. She loves to ride her horses, play with their dogs and relax on the porch, enjoying the rolling hills of her home south of Nashville. County music is a passion of hers and she loves to listen to it while she writes.

She is an avid reader of romance novels and enjoys reading Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux and Susan Wiggs. Finding new authors and delving into something different helps feed the need for literature. A registered nurse by education, she loves to help people and spread the enjoyment of romance to those around her with her novels. She loves cowboys so you'll find many of her novels have sexy men in tight jeans and cowboy boots.


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