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Now that we are at the end of 2010, I've been thinking about the choices I've made this year.  We all have decisions to make everyday, some small, some life changing.  Whatever path we choose to follow is up to us.  When faced with a challenge, the first thing that comes to mind may be to run.  But, nothing good comes without a fight.  We all have to work hard at something to succeed.

 What are some of the choices you've made this year?  Did you make a new friend, or help someone in need?  Have you changed your hair color, or started a healthy lifestyle program?  Twelve months gives us plenty of time to do something worthwhile.  When offering a kind word to a stranger is all that you can do in one day, that's enough. However, you can step out of your comfort zone, and do something big.  A new year is beginning and it's time for more choices. 

I made some new choices this year.  I usually go by instinct, not by analysing a situation. After finishing my manuscript and going over it a million times,  I chose to sign with Decadent Publishing.  My first novel, Echoes At Dawn, will be coming soon.  I knew from the moment I sent the query letter that I was doing the right thing.  I've met so many wonderful people at Decadent.  They are warm, supportive, talented, and funny.  I'm beginning a new journey, and loving it. I'm on the road to publication after making a choice. 

What choices will you make in 2011?

Love to all!
Happy New Year !

30 Days of Decadence: A Howling Good New Year’s Eve

30 Days of Decadence: A Howling Good New Year’s Eve: "by Maureen O. Betita Happy New Year to all and I hope the main gift buying/receiving day of the year was a merry one for you. Now, be caref..."

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A Christmas scene from Echoes At Dawn. Katy's Christmas Memories

unedited excerpt                            

Good Witches have childhood memories too!                              

The rest of the evening we enjoyed listening to Christmas carols.  I must have played the songs from every old artist that night.  It was wonderful reminiscing about the special moments over the years.  Mom recited her famous stories from when she was a little girl.  Her eyes still held a glimmer of wonder behind the creases and tiny lines.  She ended the evening with her tale of her Christmas morning when she was a tot.  
            We gathered around  the fireplace with mother sitting in the center.
         “My mom and dad were snuggling under the covers.  I stuck my hand inside the stocking that was hanging on the side of my crib,” she said.  “I was at least four or five years old.  In those days we slept in one big room.  My parents couldn’t afford a house with lots of bedrooms," she admitted.  "I was so excited to find out what Santa left me.  When I stuck my hand inside the stocking, I pulled out an awful chicken foot.”
             Mom’s face displayed the pure expression of a sweet child of five.  She was reciting an event that stayed in her memory for over seventy-five years.  Mother continued with the story while we gave her our undivided attention.
             “Way on the bottom was a lump of coal.  I could feel my heart break, as I realized I must have been a bad girl that year,” she confessed, with a tear in her eye.  “My parents continued hiding under the covers,  whispering and giggling the whole time I cried.
 “Ah, that’s terrible,” I said, shaking my head.
 “They played an awful trick on me,” she proclaimed, lowering her brows.  “Finally, Mom took me in her arms and gave me the gifts from under the bed.  They surprised me with a coloring book and crayons, with nuts and candies,”  she said, holding her hand up to her mouth.
             She laughed along with us, looking a bit sleepy.  Slowly rubbing her eyes, mother gave a soft sigh.  The night came to a perfect end.  I smiled, feeling a renewed appreciation for the holidays.   
            “Goodnight everyone.  Have a Merry Christmas,” she said, as she threw a kiss through the air.
            Mark and Desiree helped tuck Grandma in that night.  It was truly a memorable evening.
There was something extraordinary about that night.  It remains in my heart and I will forever treasure the night we all slept under one roof, awaiting the day Christ was born.  Family memories are part of what  makes Christmas so special.  New Year’s Eve we spent watching television and making a list of promises for the year to come. 

Daily Dose of Decadence: All I Want For Christmas

Daily Dose of Decadence: All I Want For Christmas

Monday, December 20, 2010


Relax and grab your favorite cup of coffee, or tea, and join me in welcoming Marykate Quinn to a special Monday morning interview.  Summer Iris is her latest release, from The Wild Rose Press.  Moonlight and Violet will be releasing in April 2011.

1)      When did you first start writing? I’ve been writing all my life.  My earliest recollection was in the second grade when my teacher, Mrs. Sprowl, wrote a partial sentence on the blackboard that went something like “Once upon a time there was a little girl…” and it was our job to write what comes next.  I was in ecstasy.
2)      What genre do you write in?  Why did you choose it? I write romantic comedies.  I am a natural wise guy.  I’m the comic relief at a party, as my stepson, Keith, just recently pointed out to me.  Also, I am a diehard romantic.  I watched the same movie “Scaramouche,” a gazillion times when I was a kid because I fell madly in love with Stewart Granger who was the swashbuckling male lead.
3)      Would you work on a series?  If yes, what do you like about it? What made you decide to do it? I am currently writing a series I call “The Perennials,” which is a series of romantic comedies about middle-age-ish women meeting life’s ups and downs and coming to realize they are resilient, just like perennial flowers.  The only thing that links all three books is the type of women they are and the face that they each have the name of a flower.  They are:  “Summer Iris” (available now through The Wild Rose Press); “Moonlight and Violet” (releasing April 2011 from The Wild Rose Press); and “Brookside Daisy” currently in the edit stages.
4)      Do you have a ritual before sitting down to write?  Do you listen to music, light candles, or wear something sexy to put you in the mood for creating love scenes?    If I’m writing a romantic scene I do like to have music playing the background.  Something like Michael Buble maybe or Rod Stewart’s CD of remakes of the standards.  I often light candles when I begin my work day as a mood setter and as inspiration, very “New Age-ish.”
5)      Do you work on more the one project at a time?  If you do, how do you keep the stories from meshing together?Yes, I do manage to juggle a couple of things at the same time and it can be maddening.  For me that tends to happen when I’m working on a new manuscript while tending to edits of the previous one. 
6)      How much time in your busy day do you spend on your craft?  I consider myself extremely lucky as I get to write full-time.  I retired from the business world three years ago and since then have devoted myself to writing.
7)      Since the holiday season is approaching, do you have a favorite holiday movie or special event and why do you love it?  How can you not love “It’s A Wonderful Life,” right?  I mean, when George finds ZuZu’s petals in his pocket is a killer.  Also, I like a sleeper called “Home for the Holidays” that’s a comedy but has such poignancy to it about families.
8)      What season do you find to be the one that sparks more new romances, and why? Well, Christmas is a very heartfelt time of year, and the whole Currier and Ives mindset is conducive to the cozy fire and mulled cider atmosphere.  Yet, I am drawn to all seasons for their special aspects.  I love the beach in the summer but I love it in September, too.  I think autumn is lush and hearty.  All the seasons are full of sparks.  (I really like this question…lol.)
9)      If your most recent novel was made into a movie, who would you like to see cast in the lead roles, and why? For Summer Iris, I’ve had the idea of Valerie Bertinelli as Iris and her best friend, Yvonne, I thought Joan Kusak would be awesome.  I love her.  And for the TWO men in the book I see Ted Dansen as Sam and Tony Danza as Eddie.
10)  Do you have a particular author whose work inspires you?  If yes, who, and why? I have so many favorite authors, each a fave for different things.  I am a big fan of Jennifer Weiner for her funny way at seeing life, Debbie Macomber for her wholesome relationships, Anita Shreve for her incredible writer’s eye.
11)  Can you give away any of your secret indulgences?  We promise not to tell. Well, if I said red wine there’s almost no one on the planet that doesn’t know that about me, so that’s no secret, however it’s one of my favorite indulgences.  So, I’ll tell you this one, I watch “All My Children.”  I can’t help it.  I’ve watched it since it came on and I was a kid.
12)  Would you give us a hint about your work in progress?  We’re dying to know what’s coming next. What’s coming next is “Moonlight and Violet,” which is a story about a forty something single career woman faced with going back to the lodge in Vermont where her family vacationed while she was growing up.  It’s her baby sister’s big fat wedding and the week-long event throws Violet into her Italian mother’s clutches, her sister’s idiosyncrasies, and reunites her with her first love, Logan Monroe, the man who broke her heart many years ago.
 Can you share an excerpt of your latest release?
The only time in my life that ever turned out like it
does in the movies, of course, was now.

            Eddie put the key into the lock, gave it a good hard twist and it opened easy as pie. Sadly I didn’t have a pie on me, because the look he gave me deserved a pie to be tossed right smack in his face.
            As he handed the key back to me, he gave the keychain a look.
            “Thank you,” I said, reaching for the key, which he did not immediately relinquish.
            “You’re welcome,” he said, then read the inscription aloud, “the voice of the sea speaks to the soul.” Then he gracefully placed the keychain into my waiting palm. I did not comment.
            “A special meaning of some kind?” he asked.
            Oh, brother. I am not getting into a lengthy discussion with him. “It’s just a message from a friend.”
            “Oh, a message from the friend that gave you the key?”
            “Yes,” I said as he stepped away from the doorway.
            “Well,” Eddie said with a devilish smile as he stepped off the front porch. “Tell your friend to spray that lock with a little WD-40 so it doesn’t stick when you want to open it.”
            Oh, I intended to talk to my friend all right. I could not wait to tell Yvonne that her birthday cottage came with its very own gorilla.

13)  Where can we find you? Website, face book, blog, email?
My website is:  I’d love to hear from your readers.

Thank you so much Marykate for making a guest appearance today.  We’ve enjoyed spending time with you and look forward to reading your latest release.

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Relax, grab your favorite cup of coffee, or tea, and join me in welcoming Kate Richards, author of Pirate Lady Holiday from Breathless Press, which was just released on December 10th.

1)      When did you first start writing?  I can’t even remember, but I have boxes of stories dating back to about 7th grade. I didn’t even try to be published until this year though.
2)      What genre do you write in?  Why did you choose it? I write primarily contemporary erotic romance. And I don’t know that I chose it specifically, the ideas come and I write them down.
3)      Do you have a ritual before sitting down to write?  Do you listen to music, light candles, or wear something sexy, to put you in the mood for creating love scenes?    Ummm. Nothing too dramatic. I pour a drink, diet coke or coffee usually, because anything stronger is likely to make me sleepy and non-productive. Then I sit on my big, comfy chair, laptop on lap, and I’m lost.
4)      Do you work on more the one project at a time?  If you do, how do you keep the stories from meshing together? I do. I usually have several stories going, but they’ve never tried to mesh together. Shoot! Now they probably will.
5)      How much time in your busy day, do you spend on your craft? Writing, a couple of hours, but I also edit and am a co-owner of Got Romance Reviews, and I bet I spend ten or more hours a day on all of it.
6)      Since the holiday season is approaching, do you have a favorite holiday movie or special event, and why do you love it? I love the boat parade in Huntington Harbor, where everyone decorates their boats and lights them up and that’s why I wrote Pirate Lady Holiday about Christmas in the Marina.
7)      What season do you find, to be the one that sparks more new romances, and why? Most of my romances have started in the fall for some reason, but my husband and I met in winter, online, and spent the rest of the cool weather getting to know each other. Cool weather is awfully good for cuddling!
8)      If your most recent novel was made into a movie, who would you like to see cast in the lead roles, and why? If Pirate Lady was made into a movie, Kate Hudson would play Clara because she’s utterly adorable and so is Clara. And for Jack, maybe Chris Cornell from Soundgarden because he’s not only hot but the kind of talented musician I’d like to see in the role—if he acts lol.
9)      Do you have a particular author whose work inspires you?  If yes, who, and why? Marion Zimmer Bradley because not only do I love her work, but she helped so many others to get started.
10)  Can you give away any of your secret indulgences?  We promise not to tell. Ummm, coffee, chocolate? Long bubble baths with a book that I’m not reading for any reason than fun! A mystery…or a paranormal… I’m hoping for another Sookie Stackhouse if Charlaine Harris is listening!
11)  Would you to give us a hint about any works in progress?  We’re dying to know what you’re working on next. I’m working on an anthology with several author friends, which I expect to sizzle when it hits the pages. Should be out mid-2011.
12)  Can you share an excerpt of your latest novel?
13)   She told him she didn’t sleep with company guests or musicians, and she knew for sure he was at least one of those things. Was she teasing him?

The glint in her aquamarine eyes made him think so. But why? He shook his head and tried not to think about it, once again shifting because she had made him uncomfortable in his jeans. His erection strained against the button fly, and it didn’t appear as though things were getting better anytime soon. Of course, he did have that bet going, if he had the nerve to use it.
Gingerbread seemed to be very serious business to Clara. She stood next to him, her soft breast pressed against his arm as she showed him how to prop up the two pieces of cake, while the icing hardened enough to hold it in place. His suggestions involving toothpicks and duct tape had been greeted with outrage, so he did as she asked and just enjoyed the closeness. A couple of times, the structure wobbled, and he got excited but it held in the end. The bet still stood.
Once the basic shape was formed, she laid out a pile of candies: red hots, M&M’s, licorice of various colors and sizes, Necco Wafers—so many that he couldn’t even count them. She began to affix them to the gingerbread with dollops of the icing, and when he hesitated, she urged him to do the same.
"You can do it too, you know. Come on, it’s fun."
"I don’t know about fun, but okay." He reached past her for a bag of M&M’s. She kissed his neck, her lips just grazing the skin below his ear. He froze as she moved away.
"What’s the hold up?" she asked.
"Nothing at all." He grabbed the candies and started a row along the roofline of the gingerbread cabin. "Why do you ask?" He dropped one hand to her leg and squeezed lightly.
"Oh, just wondering. Could you pass me that bowl of brown icing over there?" As he did, she did it again. Only this time, she feathered kisses up his throat, teasing the sensitive spot behind his ear.
He moaned and dropped the candy to pull her against him on the narrow bench. Her lips were hot and moist, and he pressed them apart and thrust his tongue into her mouth. She didn’t fight him, and in a moment they were both panting. This woman was bewitching him. She was beautiful and interesting and didn’t like him because he was famous. He stood with her in his arms, holding her tightly against him.
"What was that you said about Santa Claus?" he asked, before devouring her mouth again.
"I said," she replied, when he freed her lips to speak, "that he won’t come until we’re in bed."

14)  Where can we find you? Website, face book, blog, email? You can track me down at or I love to hear from readers, so drop me a line!

Thank you so much Kate for spending the morning with us and allowing us to sneak a peek. We've enjoyed having you as a quest and look forward to reading your latest release.

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30 Days of Decadence: The Best Part of Christmas

30 Days of Decadence: The Best Part of Christmas: "by Mari Freeman The best part of Christmas is the giving. Right? I know. It is. But there was this one time, this one Christmas, where recei..."

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The Sweater Curse: How A Lifetime Is Measured

The Sweater Curse: How A Lifetime Is Measured: "Today's post, a tribute to Kathleen Ann's mother-in-law and all the women like her--who with their gentle generosity cast a lasting spell. *..."

This is a beautiful and touching tribute.

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30 Days of Decadence: Twelfth Night: A Medieval Holiday Tradition

30 Days of Decadence: Twelfth Night: A Medieval Holiday Tradition: "by Jamaica Layne During the medieval and renaissance period in Europe, the most important winter holiday wasn’t Christmas Day. Instea..."

I love how romantic this sounds.

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Relax, grab your favorite cup of coffee, or tea, and join me in welcoming Ellen Keener to our Saturday Sneak Peek Coffee Klatch, of Blood Moon from Decadent Publishing.  

1)      When did you first start writing?
a.       I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. My first story was a mystery about a dinosaur. I believe the title was Webby and the Tar Monster. Classic, right?  If you mean writing seriously, it’s been about three years.  Until then, it was always done for me, and no one else saw it, with a few exceptions where I tried to send things to magazines and such.

2)      What genre do you write in?  Why did you choose it?
a.       Mostly paranormal romance.  I love the idea of creating a world where magic; myth and monsters are all real. And of course, romance is romance. What’s not to love? I can make Mr. Right be anything or one I want, and that is ALWAYS appealing.

3)      Do you have a ritual before sitting down to write?  Do you listen to music, light candles, or wear something sexy, to put you in the mood for creating love scenes? 
a.       Well, if I’m going to sit down and write for a couple hours, I sometimes make a pot of tea – complete with tea cozy, china cup and saucer, milk, sugar, the works. I put the whole thing on a tray and take it to the computer. My roommate thinks it’s hilarious. As for love scenes – I blush my way through them and hope for the best.  Lol

4)      Do you work on more the one project at a time?  If you do, how do you keep the stories from meshing together?
a.       I do, actually, quite frequently. But the key is, I’m usually working on two VERY different stories. I write YA under another name, and that is generally pretty easy to distinguish from the adult stuff. I work on whichever one pulls at me the most. If I’m working on two different adult pieces, they have to be complete opposites, or they do tend to bleed over. Like right now I’m working on one that’s a little dark and scary, and one that’s paranormal, but not scary. Those aren’t so hard to keep separate.

5)      How much time in your busy day, do you spend on your craft?
a.       I wish it was more! I spend about an hour in the mornings, and then I try to spend an hour or two in the evenings. With my day job being teaching, most of my time comes on the weekends, assuming there’s nothing else going on. Right now is a busy time with games, exams, and events.

6)      Since the holiday season is approaching, do you have a favorite holiday movie or special event, and why do you love it?
a.       My favorite Holiday Movie is White Christmas. No contest. We also have a lot of family traditions to do with Christmas that I love. Everyone gets to open one present Christmas Eve, and it’s always “Christmas PJs.” Every adult (which is all of us now that my brother moved out) gets to light a Bayberry candle for good luck on Christmas Eve, and even though we’re *ahem* much older, my brother and I are still not allowed downstairs on Christmas morning until my Mom rings the Christmas Bell. Believe me, I’ve been trying to skirt that tradition since I left home. But no matter how old I am, she just doesn’t see a need for me to guard the tree and packages from the cats.

7)      What season do you find, to be the one that sparks more new romances, and why?
a.       For me, its fall. It’s my favorite time of year. I don’t know why, but it always seems to get the creative juices flowing.

8)      If your most recent novel was made into a movie, who would you like to see cast in the lead roles, and why?
a.       Oh man, Gerard Butler. *swoon* would be Lukas. Aria changes all the time, but right now she’d be someone like Anne Hathaway. And Thaddeus ( I love him!) would be Paul Bettany.

9)      Do you have a particular author whose work inspires you?  If yes, who, and why?
a.       It varies depending on what I’m reading, but I love Katie MacAlister and the way she weaves her plots, the serious moments and lots of humor. I also really enjoy the Bloodfever series from Moning. I like the dark and gritty side to those novels.

10)  Can you give away any of your secret indulgences?  We promise not to tell.
a.       Chocolate. And sweet ice tea. Not necessarily in that order.

11)  Would you to give us a hint about any works in progress?  We’re dying to know what you’re working on next.
a.       Right now I’ve switched gears a little and have two things going. One is a novella about a mad scientist and his attempt to force two Fae to give him the heir of his dreams. The other is a horror romance about a psychic who gets trapped in a house with a “ghost hunting” team and falls for one of the crew members.

12)   Can you share an excerpt of your latest novel?
a.       Sure!
“What kind of torture is this? You’re dead.”
The muscles of his throat worked, but no sound emerged. Behind him, Thaddeus winked and gave her a smug smile.
“So are you.”
Oh dear God, even his voice was the same! The warmth in the deep rumble broke her tenuous control. Tearing her gaze from his, she pressed a hand over her mouth and pulled her knees to her chest. Perhaps if she held herself tightly enough, she wouldn’t splinter.
She took small, frantic sips of air, attempting to hold back the sobs pushing out of her throat. A low keening noise, high-pitched and slightly mad, warbled through the room. On some level, she knew it emanated from her, but she spent her energy on making herself small. Her fingernails bit into her jeans. The gaping wound where her heart had been patched over so many times after Lukas’ death, ruptured. Her soul bled, and each ragged breath she heard him draw clawed the hole wider.
The whole room seemed to be consumed by Lukas’ presence. Escape was impossible, and she knew it, even as she searched for an exit. She had to get out. If she didn’t, there wouldn’t be anything left to save.
Lukas moved across the room, crouched in front of her, his hands on either side of the chair. His mismatched, unearthly stare met hers, but she couldn’t make the tears stop.
“Leave us.”
It wasn’t right. His voice both soothed and tore at her frayed nerves. The others moved from the room. Her opportunity to run passed as they pulled the door closed with a soft click. She couldn’t have torn her gaze from Lukas if her life depended on it. Hesitantly, as if he too were afraid, he smoothed one calloused hand over her cheek, thumbing away the wetness. At his touch, her whole body jerked like she’d been struck. Every place his fingers touched tingled, and warmth began to shimmer in her soul.
“I need to hear you say the words. Are you Aria Lagreve?”
She drew a deep shuddering breath, captured his hand against her face and rubbed her cheek over the palm. “No.”
Pain and anger flared in his eyes. His features hardened, and he tried to pull his hand away. She stopped him, reaching out with one shaking digit to trace the scar along his cheek.
“When you died, I was Aria MacLeod.”
13)  Where can we find you? Website, face book, blog, email?
a.       My website is you can also email me at and I have a facebook fan page.  J

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me! I really enjoyed it!

Thank you so much Ellen.  It was a pleasure spending time with you, and allowing us to sneak a peek.


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30 Days of Decadence: BetterThanHisMom's Cookies

30 Days of Decadence: BetterThanHisMom's Cookies: "by Stephanie Taylor Shhh, I’ll tell you a little secret. My husband admitted (in front of his friend, no less) that he likes my chocolate..." THESE SOUND YUMMY.

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The holidays creep up on me and I always wonder where the summer went.  I am cooking a turkey tonight, which is not unusual. When you work on holidays, like I do, you have to adapt to not being home on the actual day.  It may seem awkward to some, but my family is used to it.  This year we are getting together tonight for our Thanksgivings dinner.  I'm wondering what other people do, who work on holidays.  How do you celebrate around your busy schedule? 

I'm happy as long as we're all together.  It really doesn't matter if it's a day late, or a few days early.  The holidays are a time to be grateful, celebrate our good fortune, and offer our love and kindness to one another.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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We're having a special holiday blog over at Decadent Publishing. It starts on Black Friday and continues through December 31. There will be prizes to our readers, and  I selected mine today.  It's really beautiful and I think it will make the lucky winner will love it. There's lots of surprises too.  I'll give you a little hint about my story and prize. The clue is in the picture.  But, I won't tell you if you're right.  I don't want to spoil the fun.

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Sometimes strange things happen to me and I wonder if they happen to everyone.  My father was my mentor, and a brilliant and talented man.  He was born in 1898, and endured the early death of his father at the hands of a gunman.  He was forced to leave school early to support a family of ten.  He survived the Great Depression, fought in the boxing ring, and amazed people with his thrilling magic act.  He was the kind of person that brought happiness to everyone around him.  He studied self hypnosis, and taught his audiences  how to relax and enjoy the wonders of the world around them.  He passed away in 1983, with his loved ones by his side.  I kept a photo of him dressed in a black tuxedo, smiling as he held one of his lovely white doves.  I always felt a connection to this photo, since I was the one that snapped the picture.

 One morning over twenty years after his death, I became emotional after listening to a sad song on the radio.  I held the photo in my hands, wishing he could see how my life turned out.  I wanted him to know that my mother was doing well, and I wanted to know if his spirit was at peace.  I felt an urge to tell him how much his love and passion for helping people affected me and my decision to become a registered nurse.  I had a sense of something mysterious that afternoon, but could not figure out what it was.

 Later in the day, I left to start my shift at the hospital.  When I took my assignment and began making rounds, a woman called to me from across the hall.  She asked me my name and where I was from.  I answered her question, but it puzzled me.  In the far corner, a man sat up in bed and said, "Your father Nick Lane, was my godfather."  I moved closer to him, and he reached for my hand and smiled.  He went on to tell me stories about the times they spent together. I had no idea of their relationship, since it was before I was born. I believe taht my chance encounter was my fathers way of telling me all was understood.

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Have you even been to a writers conference?  I started going to conferences last year.  I was so excited, but had no idea what to expect.  I signed up to pitch and read the workshop calendar daily, in anticipation of the event.  I bought the perfect outfit, since I hoped to make a good first impression. I wanted to approach my new role as a writer in a positive way.  I decided to be myself, and not try to be something I was not.  It can be intimidating to go to a function where you don't know anyone, and  I certainly felt insecure.

The conference was an informative and exciting two day affair. When I entered the lobby to register, my hands shook with nervous energy.  There were keynote speakers scheduled to appear at the breakfast and luncheon gatherings, who were New York Times bestsellers.  The conference corridor was decorated with colorful balloons,and the greeters sat at tables with bright red tablecloths. There were posters of authors I recognized lined up along the walls, and it seemed like I walked into a dream.  It was wonderful to finally find a place where everyone understood one another, and shared a common desire.

The speakers gave us a glimpse of their journey to publication and offered encouragement adding a humorous approach. I found a group of friendly people, who were motivational and supportive.  I made new friends, and a few of us went to workshops together, and relaxed in a lounge area sharing our ideas. My first conference was a memorable experience.  I chatted with multi-published best-selling authors.  I exchanged ideas with agents and sat in on panel discussions.  The award ceremony opened our eyes to what could be, if we continued to learn, and never gave up. There was a book fair that was open to the public, where you could get a signed copy of your favorite authors newest release. So, there's something for everyone at a conference.

 On the last night there was a celebration where you could unwind, kick off your shoes and dance or sing along with the karaoke.  It was a  fun way to end the night .The music was awesome and I had a blast.  The warm reception I received from the writing community was comforting, and I knew that I found the place where I  belonged.  I was welcomed by newcomers and embraced by published authors.  It is never easy when you branch out of your comfort zone.  First impressions are rewarding when you approach them with honesty and sincerity.  We're all in this crazy world together, so try something new today.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I often wonder what I did all day before I started writing again.  I can not imagine not doing what I love.  I feel better then I have in years.  I cannot wait to wake up every morning.   Don't get me wrong, I love my family, and treasure the hours I spend with them.  Nevertheless, I found a passion that was buried  deep inside of me waiting to be reborn.

How many of you have stopped doing something that you loved?  Did you make crafts, or love to paint?  How about a sport, or exercising regularly? Did you love animals or collect something unique?  What was the one thing you looked forward to doing and placed it on a back burner?  I woke up one day and rekindled my love affair with writing.  Now, it's time for you to remember that one thing that brought you joy, and nurture it again. You will be surprised to find that you have more energy and more to offer your loved ones, when you follow your heart.  Don't be afraid to take a chance.  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never give up your dreams.

I am suffering from a lack of sleep, so forgive me if I babble. I'm having so much fun working on new projects preparing for my upcoming release, and connecting with other writers that my day flies by, and before I know it, it's midnight.  I'm making a commitment today to take care of myself, and get enough rest.  "Tomorrow is another day" is going to become my motto.  I am grateful for all the support I have been getting from family and friends, and my new friends at Decadent Publishing.  The journey towards publication is a challenging one.  I learned from my mistakes and I have realized that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.  Sometimes when we don't get what we want we pout and feel like giving up.  But, maybe we weren't ready for what we asked for.  Everything we do is a stepping stone to our heart's desire.  I'm not an authority or a philosopher, but I know every time I got rejected I dusted myself off, gained perspective, and kept going.  When you want something bad enough there is nothing that can stop you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have some of Decadent Publishing's talented authors lined up to pay us a visit on our Saturday Sneak Peek Coffee Klatch.  I am signing them up, so get ready to hear what they have to say. I'll let you now when the fun begins.

Back to reality

I took a break from writing last night and went to see Bon Jovi's Circle Movie, the one night event at a local theater.  It was exactly what I needed to get me in the creative mode.  The movie was made from the four nights at the New Meadowlands Arena this summer.  The energy was electrifying and it made me want to dance along with Jon.  I have to find the jeans he wore, for my husband.  Anyone know where he buys his his clothes?  lol. 

I had an idea to add a guest spot on my blog.  It would be posted on Saturdays and I named it, Sneak Peek Saturday Coffee Klatch.  I'm going to round up some of the talented Decadent Publishing authors and ask them to join us.  I'll try to get to know them a little better and maybe we'll get a chance to learn what romantic romp, sizzling love story or mysterious adventure is coming next.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I love this cover. It's what I imagined when I was writing.

My friend wants to know where to find him.

Daily Dose of Decadence: Fun Facts Friday

Daily Dose of Decadence: Fun Facts Friday

Manic Monday

Whew, I had a long weekend at work, but now I have three days to recuperate.  Where do I start?  I have tons of laundry and need to pick up the dog hair, but it will all have to wait, because if I don't get busy on my second novel, "A Single Word," it will never come get done.  My heroine wants to move on, so she can meet the dreamy Dr. Sinclair.  I wish I could blink my eyes, or wiggle my nose, like Samantha on Bewitched.  Then I could have my house sparkling clean, with dinner prepared and the laundry washed, folded and put away, in a flash.  Maybe I could even manage a manicure and pedicure for me.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Daily Dose of Decadence: Just the Facts with...

Daily Dose of Decadence: Just the Facts with...: "this"

All dressed up.

Friends are special, they read your books.

Welcome to my world

Since this is my first post,  I'll begin by telling you how excited I am about my novel, Echoes At Dawn ,being acquired by Decadent Publishing.  When the email appeared in my inbox, I almost fell off of my chair.  I am waiting to start edits, so in the meantime, I've been working on promo and my second novel.  I work three 12 hour shifts a week, in an emergency room, so it's a hectic life, but I love it.  I can't imagine what I did all day before I entered this wacky world of writing.  I've been creating stories and writing poetry, since I was a young girl, but I navigated away from it when I got married and raised my children.  About four years ago I got an idea for a story and I was hooked again.  I can't wait to wake up and become lost in the roles of my characters.  I like to add a magical element to my books, as an added touch.  I always make them romantic, but I leave some things to the imagination.  I'm off to decide what I'm cooking for dinner and then I'll be back at the computer.  Bye for now.